Iron Lady Chereddy Manjula Behind The Sensational Pic Of AP Elections 2024!

YSR Congress Party leaders caused chaos at various polling stations across Andhra Pradesh during the voting on Monday.

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Many violent incidents happened at several polling stations in the state. YCP leaders, MLAs, and agents attacked rival party leaders, agents and even regular voters.

Chereddy Manjula, a TDP agent, was one of the victims. Despite being badly injured, Manjula refused to go to the hospital and continued her duties as a polling agent.

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Her story and pictures went viral on social media. People on social media praised her valour and determination.

In an interview, Manjula said she became an agent to prevent illegal vote rigging, which is common in her village. She explained that violent clashes between groups are frequent in her village, Rentala, in the Macharla constituency. To stop these attacks and illegal vote rigging, Manjula decided to work as an agent in these elections.

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Manjula runs a hotel business in Hyderabad and arrived in her hometown in the wee hours of Monday. When local YCP leaders found out she was an agent, they planned to attack her to keep her away from the polling station.

Upon learning the situation, Manjula and other TDP leaders complained to the police and asked for protection, but no officers were sent.

As voting time approached, Manjula, along with her relatives Raj Gopal Reddy and Veena, went to the polling station at 6:30 am. On the way, rival party leaders attacked them. About 30 YCP leaders came to attack with daggers, sticks, and other weapons.

Manjula said she was slapped first and then hit with an axe on her face. When she was bleeding, her son brought a kerchief, but the attackers hit him too. They also damaged a family member’s bike.

Despite her injuries, Manjula went to the polling station. “I wanted to save democracy, so I went straight to the polling station and waited for the police to come,” she said.

When the police arrived, they registered the case and took Manjula to a hospital in Gurajala. Manjula accused YCP of increasing violence because the police were not acting. She demanded that the police take strict action against the attackers to prevent such violence in the future.