Lok Sabha Khammam Congress Candidate

As the April 25 nomination deadline approaches in three days, the Congress party is yet to finalize candidates for the Khammam, Karimnagar, and Hyderabad Lok Sabha seats, causing confusion among party members.

Despite the BJP and BRS already announcing candidates for all 17 Telangana seats and commencing campaigns, the Congress struggles to finalize candidates even after the nomination process started on April 18. The delay has confused the party members.

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Meanwhile, potential candidates like V Rajender Rao plan to file nominations despite the party’s indecision.

Party leaders have sought intervention from Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar, though a meeting was postponed to Tuesday due to his prior commitments.

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The Khammam ticket remains contentious, with leaders Prasad Reddy and Nandini both adamant about securing it for their respective kin but united against an outsider candidate.

Probable candidates include Sameerullah Khan for Hyderabad, Ponguleti Prasad Reddy for Khammam, Bonthu Rammohan or Venu Gopal Swamy for Secunderabad, and Velachala Rajender Rao for Karimnagar.

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The party expects to finalize candidates for the pending seats in the next few hours after discussions with key leaders in Delhi.