TDP Mini ManifestoWhen Chandra Babu released the TDP Manifesto last night on the last day of Mahanadu, all political parties focused on the contents of the manifesto. 

YSRCP Social Media has criticized all free manifesto and it was copied from Congress manifesto in recent Karnataka elections. YSRCP Parliamentary leader Vijayasai Reddy made constructive criticism that no one can believe TDP’s manifesto.

If we analyze the manifesto, the TDP concentrated more on women, youth and farmer issues. TDP has released its manifesto in the name of BhavishyathukuGurantee (A guarantee for the future). YSRCP asked Where does Chandra Babu get that much money from to implement Freebie promises?

TDP social media activists made their arguments that the Government can save the income by restricting/eliminating unnecessary expenditure. 

YSRCP government has appointed more than 40 Advisors by monthly payment of 1.5 lakh per annum. Total expenditure for their salaries only the government spends 7.2 crore per annum. TDP made its argument that it will abolish all these Advisors to save the money.

By implementing strict measures as well, the State government will get income. Everyone knows that YSRCP does not allow any digital payments in liquor and sand sales. If the government allowed digital transactions on these sales, the state govt would get revenue in the form of GST.

Finally, TDP argued on leadership of the state. CBN has a proven record of creating wealth in his governance and he will prove again on election promises.