Nara Lokesh's Response to Pawan Kalyan's Peru Goppa Ooru Dhibba CommentIt is known to our readers that Two supporters of Janasena President Pawan Kalyan were electrocuted on Wednesday while trying to erect a 30-feet tall banner of Pawan Kalyan ahead of his visit to Payakarao Peta in Vishakapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh.

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The Government had come to their rescue by giving Five Lakhs under Chandranna Bhima. This has come days after Pawan Kalyan criticized Chandranna Bhima as useless saying that it is ‘Peru Goppa Ooru Dhibba’. Nara Lokesh has taken potshots about the same in his Twitter Account.

“Families of 2 valuable lives that were lost to electrocution caused while they were tying flexis for Jana Sena have been safeguarded against financial misery. They have received 5lac each under #ChandrannaBima. A gr8 example that shows @JaiTDP doesn’t differentiate between parties (sic)”, he posted.

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But then, Janasena Supporters are ridiculing Lokesh saying that it has not been given from Chandrababu Naidu or Lokesh’s Pocket. But then leaders should be praised for the Good policies and schemes they bring even though they do not give from their pocket. Isn’t it?

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