Pawan Kalyan And Chandrababu Met Two Times Already?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has hinted about an alliance with TDP and triggered speculations about seat-sharing. Reliable sources within both the camps say both Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu met two times already on this issue.

“TDP is ready to offer 24 seats. Twelve seats are like guarantee winning seats and the rest are seats where Janasena can win if both the parties fight hard. Janasena is demanding 40 seats,” the source said.

Pawan Kalyan is keen on getting the forty seats but both the sides will be slightly amicable about the seat-sharing in the larger interests of the alliance,” the source added.

Meanwhile, both TDP and Janasena are expecting Jagan to go for early elections. So, the alliance will be announced soon and seat-sharing will be finalized so that the differences between the cadres will be ironed out.

“If more time is available, there will be enough time for vote transfer to happen. That is very important for any alliance to succeed,” a source in Janasena told us.