Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy has been living a humble and simple lifestyle even after becoming the Chief Minister of Telangana. He initially refused to stay in Pragathi Bhavan (now Praja Bhavan) and decided to continue staying in his own home.

Moreover, he also chooses to travel on commercial airlines alongside the general public for his inter-state tours, without opting for special aircraft. Last night, he was in Bengaluru to campaign for the Congress party’s campaign.

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Meanwhile, popular singer Smitha met Revanth Reddy today during a flight and took a selfie with him. Sharing the photo on social media, Smitha stated that Revanth is one of the simplest Chief Ministers in the country.

“Look at whom I met after a long time and where. Probably one of the simplest Chief Ministers actually travelling on a commercial aircraft @revanth_anumula,” she wrote.

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Revanth Reddy’s no-special flight policy has been proved once again with this tweet. Meanwhile, his modest and simple lifestyle is setting him apart from other leaders, opined his admirers on social media.

Revanth Reddy has been actively campaigning for the Congress party across various states in recent weeks. Today, he will participate in a roadshow in Bhuvanagiri in support of the party’s candidate, Chamala Kiran Kumar Reddy.

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