Some Astrologers are making a living selling sensationalism on YouTube.

They are into foretelling the futures of political leaders and film stars to get more eyeballs.

An astrologer recently got an egg on his face after the Telangana elections. He was saying that KCR and Jagan will come back to power and we know what happened in the recent Telangana elections.

The same astrologer is twisting words and equating Revanth Reddy and Jagan.

“Channchalguda Jail has given two Chief Ministers. Both of their Horoscopes are the same. If they work carefully, they will get more terms to rule,” the Astrologer said.

The Astrologer just got his Telangana forecast wrong. Further, hearing him say Chanchalguda has given two Chief Ministers is shameful.

YSR Congress Social Media followers have become desperate and are making this clip viral.

But it makes one wonder if they take pride in the statement – that Chanchalguda Jail has given two Chief Ministers.

Any sane supporter should at least hesitate to touch the clip due to that statement. But YSR Congress supporters are clearly disturbed after the Telangana election result.