TDP Janasena

Despite the best efforts of YSR Congress to spread a favorable narrative using its supporting media and Social Media teams, the National Media Surveys continuously reveal Andhra Pradesh’s mood clearly in favor of TDP+.

NewsX in association with D-Dynamics revealed its Opinion Poll Results for the country.

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In Andhra Pradesh, TDP is winning fourteen seats while its allies – Janasena and BJP are winning two each.

YSR Congress is confined only to seven.

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A closer look at these results reveals that the BJP is a burden to the alliance.

TDP is winning fourteen out of the seventeen seats it is contesting. Janasena is winning two out of two with a 100% strike rate.

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Only the BJP is the Achilles Heel of the alliance. It is winning only two out of the total six seats it is contesting.

Just imagine TDP and Janasena contesting in those six seats too and reducing YSR Congress to 3-4 seats!

In the case of Telangana, Congress will be the single largest party by winning eight seats.

BJP will win five, BRS three, and MIM will retain its sole seat in Hyderabad.

Even though the numbers say Congress will get majority seats. It will be a very disappointing result for Revanth Reddy.

Anything less than two digit seats for Congress and BJP gaining at the expense of the BRS will be very disappointing for Revanth Reddy.

But the Parliament elections are reflecting the mood of the nation. That means the Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi factor is clearly playing.