When the alliance between TDP and Janasena was announced, doubts arose regarding vote transfer and how leadership would blend. However, leaders from both parties, Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh, and Pawan Kalyan, ensured a smooth alliance between their cadres.

Today, Pawan Kalyan filed his nomination in Pithapuram, drawing a record-breaking public turnout on the streets in support of his nomination.

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Pawan Kalyan himself said that 70 thousand to one lakh people attended his nomination. He said today TDP sowed how firmly it can stand by him and Janasena. He emphasized the need to spread this message across the state and urged Janasainiks to ensure that vote transfer happens wherever Telugu Desam candidates are contesting.

He once again thanked TDP leader Varma, who sacrificed his strong seat for Pawan Kalyan. Despite being a strong leader in Pithapuram, giving up his constituency to another person is not easy these days. This means that eventually, it will be Pawan Kalyan’s seat, as Varma followed what Chandrababu asked him to do for Pawan Kalyan.

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Pawan Kalyan reiterated this numerous times and expressed his gratitude once again to TDP leader Varma in Pithapuram who stood firmly by him and working for his record victory.

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