That Disease Of Jagan Dangerous Than CoronaAndhra Pradesh Government employees have decided to hit the streets against Jagan Government on the PRC issue. They have called for Chalo Vijayawada ahead of the indefinite strike which would begin from Seventh of this month.

On expected lines, Police department had rejected permission for the protest in the name of the pandemic. The government is trying its level best to disrupt this agitation. Employees Unions have clarified that they will take up the event come what may.

“Jagan Government has got a disease of changing words and heart easily. It is dangerous than Corona,” Bandi Srinivasa Rao, PRC Sadhana Samiti leader ridiculed. They alleged that Government is resorting to illegal arrests to show Chalo Vijayawada as a failure.

“Let the Government arrest 1000s of people. Even the last ten members will participate and make the protest a success. To cover up its mistake, Jagan Government is continuing to do more mistakes,” they warned.