Eenadu cartoons have served as a satirical representation of Andhra Pradesh politics for many decades now. Now, they have come up with a killer troll on Jagan Mohan Reddy which represents the current situation of the CM.

In this troll animation that is going viral, Jagan is seen yelling and scaring away his family members from his house saying “Get out, I don’t need you”. And next to that is a photo of Jagan trying to get sympathy by saying that people are trying to tear apart his family and he is a singled orphan.

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This is a satire on Jagna’s speech the other day where he said people are trying to break his family. Amidst a commotion that Jagan himself had a fallout with Sharmila and led to Sharmila and Vijayamma moving to Hyderabad, Jagan’s comment that his opponents are trying to tear apart his family has been presented in a satirical manner through this Eenadu cartoon.

This animation is trending on social media. Needless to say, this calls out Jagan’s modus operandi and his attempts to gain sympathy.

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