Women Polling Andhra Pradesh 2019Elections are done and dusted and the Voters’ Verdict is sealed in Electronic Voting Machines which will be opened only on May 23rd. Going by the Voting Pattern this time, Women have voted in large numbers. In fact, the number of women votes polled are more than that of the men votes.

TDP is estimating that Women voted en masse for them and will result in Chandrababu’s comeback to Power. Chandrababu pinned all hopes on them who are benefitted from the Pasupu Kunkuma Scheme. Usually, women are considered the very grateful class and are expected not to ‘cheat’ anyone after getting benefitted.

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YSR Congress, on the other side, says that Dwacra women are not happy with the government and will not be wooed by these last-minute freebies. Moreover, they feel that women will not have independent Political views and will be certainly influenced by their husbands which will benefit YSR Congress.

We do not know if Pasupu Kunkuma has influenced the women voters but it is a wrong notion that women do not have independent views. Women particularly rural women have become independent in recent times due to Dwacra and other schemes which have made them self-reliant. They are not dependent on their husbands for their financial needs and have independent political opinions.

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