Even though he holds a constitutional position, people are angry with Speaker Tammineni Sitaram’s behavior. He does not pay any attention to the Amudaalavalasa constituency and has not fulfilled any of his promises. His attitude and arrogance in making statements have caused him more trouble.

Analysts say that Sitaram’s defeat is certain because his anger has affected the election, leading people to vote against YSRCP. Leaders of the NDA alliance are confident that they will not win the elections this time, citing internal disagreements as evidence of the Speaker’s behavior.

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The Amudalavalasa and Srikakulam Highway is one of the worst roads in AP, ranking in the top 10 worst roads in the state. Locals are grieving that the Amudalavalasa-Srikakulam road has not been repaired and has become a hotspot for accidents. Everyone traveling on this road has decided not to vote for Tammineni again in this election.

Before the last election, YS Jagan also promised to open a sugar factory in Amudalavalasa. However, people are unhappy because no attempt has been made to open it so far. In the constituency, people are increasingly frustrated with the ‘V-Tax’ and are showing support for TDP.

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The Speaker is a constitutional post, and we should speak up to protect the dignity of the position. However, Tammineni has lowered his standing by identifying himself as an MLA rather than as the Speaker. YSRCP leaders like Kodali Nani, Jogi Ramesh, Ambati Rambabu, and Roja often bad mouth the opposition. Despite his respectable position, he did not hesitate to scold Chandrababu.

YSRCP leaders have split into four factions in the Amudalavalasa constituency. A survey conducted by YSRCP revealed that corruption and dissatisfaction have increased in the constituency. Despite this, in the absence of a suitable candidate, Jagan allotted the ticket to Sitaram once again.

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On the other hand, the vote bank for TDP and Janasena has increased. Many are betting that TDP candidate Koona Ravikumar, who was defeated by a margin of 9.33 percent in the last election, will secure a huge majority this time.