Senior TDP leader Ayyanna Patra expressed anger towards YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy over his recent tweets targeting AP BJP chief Purandeshwari and Chandrababu’s family members. Ayyanna Patra questioned Vijayasai Reddy’s focus on women in his tweets and challenged him directly.

“Why do you wake up crying about women, Sai Reddy? Stop crying over Bhuvaneshwari and Purandeshwari! If you dare, inquire about Jagan’s sisters Vijayalakshmi and Sharmila! Where is Babai Viveka and Kasai Reddy?” Ayyanna Patra challenged Vijayasai Reddy, questioning his selective focus on certain women and urging him to consider other women connected to political figures as well. The exchange on social media highlighted tensions between leaders and brought attention to specific family members within the political landscape.