For a while now, there have been reports that all is not well between Kohli and Amabti Rayudu. This talk originated when Rayudu wasn’t selected for the 2019 world cup when Kohli was the captain of the side.

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Now, Rayudu has shared a cryptic tweet, through which he appears to be indirectly trolling Kohli in view of RCB’s recent exit in the qualifier game.

“My heart truly goes out to all the rcb supporters who have passionately supported the team over the years. If only the management and the leaders had the teams interests ahead of individual milestones”.

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“Rcb would have won multiple titles. Just remember how many fantastic players have been let go off. Force your management to bring players who will put teams interests first. A great new chapter can start from the mega auction.” Rayudu tweeted.

Rayudu is evidently taking a dig at the ongoing criticism about Kohli playing with low strikerate for personal milestones while the team is sinking. Rayudu has even indirectly hinted the Kohli must be sent out of the side if RCB is to actually start winning trophies.

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Given Kohli’s no-nonsense nature, we can expect him to hit back at Rayudu sooner than later if he deems fit.