One of the biggest challenges that students who want to study abroad face is the timely approval of their Visa. Thousands of Indians apply for an American visa every year and a majority of them are students who want to go to the country for higher education. It often happens that these students miss the opportunity because their Visa interview gets delayed.

To prevent such a situation from arising, the US Consulate in Hyderabad has decided to extend the student visa season till August end. This will allow the students who have a later interview date to arrive in the USA in time and commence their program in the university they have been accepted in.

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Many students filed a petition after 10,000 slots for F1 visas were booked within 5 minutes of the opening post midnight. Some students have complained that they have been unsuccessfully trying to book a slot for the last 6 months.

There have been reports of numerous technical glitches as well. Under these circumstances, extending the visa season is going to benefit a large number of students who are hopeful of getting a visa. The American dream for these students hover in uncertainty caused by delay and technical issues.

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