In a tragic incident, employees on a flight from London to Singapore, reported that the flight had experienced rough patches leaving one dead and several injured. Flight SQ321 hired a Boeing 777-300ER flight had to do a diversion into Bangkok due to the unexpected turbulence encountered.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, with the flight landing safely at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 3:02:45 pm local time. The type aircraft was transporting 211 passengers and 18 crew members.

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In a press release made by the airline carrier, Singapore Airlines has expressed their full regret to the family of the deceased and is still in cooperation with Thai officials to render medical help to the other injured passengers. A group has also been sent to Bangkok for additional backup.

It is quite natural that turbulence is a frequent phenomenon in aviation; however, its rate of occurrence and severity usually does not reach such a scale.

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Aeroplane is considered to be the safest mode of travel. Yet, we get such news every once in a while that points towards the contrary. This incident has once again made people understand that flying is dangerous and that the seat belt provides an important safety aspect during flights. Current investigations seek to uncover what caused the phenomenon that resulted in such a negative outcome as experienced above.

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