Rishi Sunak

The student visa is one of the key factors through which students with merit immigrate to different countries for better quality of education and more promising jobs. Recently, a report says that Rishi Sunak, the Prime minister of the UK is abandoning the plan to limit graduate visas that provide international students an opportunity to work in Britain for up to 2 years after graduation. Now he is pushing the momentum towards smaller changes to tighten the rules so that it can’t be misused.

Amongst these changes, the major focus is pulled on the agents who advertise and market courses of study in the UK. There will be more thorough checks to confirm that the quality of students matches what was promised by the agents. If universities or colleges see a huge jump in the number of students dropping out, the organization might lose its credibility to recruit students from other countries.

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India has the highest number of students studying in the UK compared to any other country which makes over 40% of all graduate visas. The students and alumni from India in the UK have asked the prime minister to keep the visa program as the restrictions might affect students of merit and they might opt for some other country that offers better opportunities.