Lal Salaam Movie

Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth earlier made a comeback with Jailer which was a big hit at the box office. But he quickly followed it up with Lal Salaam which has turned out to be a mega disaster in terms of box office returns.

After the box office debacle of Lal Salaam, its OTT debut appears to be in jeopardy now. The film is not arriving on OTT on schedule and has already missed a couple of tentative dates.

Earlier, Lal Salaam was expected to stream on Netflix from March 8, and the date was later pushed to March 21. But both these dates were missed and the OTT debut of the film is in question now.

A few say that Netflix is looking to back out of the deal after the director Aishwarya Rajinikanth commented that 21 days of shooting footage has gone missing due to an error from the team. These reports say Netflix is looking to make this technical citation to back out of the OTT deal.

Whatever the reason, the OTT debut of Lal Salaam is in jeopardy now. Usually, Netflix is proactive about orchestrating the earliest possible OTT release for its films but that isn’t happening with Lal Salaam which released in theaters nearly two months ago, and this is raising doubts.