RGV Adavni

The brutal terrorist attacks faced by Mumbai on the eve of 26/11 had shaken the entire nation. The film “The Attacks Of 26/11” has very aptly caught the brutality of the act in even as it serves as a tribute to the sentiments of the people of India and more specifically, the heroes and victims of 26/11.

It is uncanny how the film has captured the essence of the incident in its rawest form. The crew of the film in the form of screenwriting from Rommel Rodrigues, the cinematography from Harshraj Shroff, M. Ravichandran, the shootouts from Javed-Aejaz, the background score from Amar Mohile, the art direction by Udai Prakash Singh and the edit by Sunil M. Wadhwani and Ajit M. Nair have all been handled wonderfully and add weight to the venture that attempts to capture the violence of the occasion. Furthermore, performances from actors like Nana Patekar are exceptional in its restraint in maturity adding a new dimension to the entire film. Overall, the film is definitely not to be missed!