All is well in Nandamuri family
Talks of Jr NTR being upset with the way the election campaign was held and how his father was treated etc had gained quite a bit of momentum among the film and political circles alike. There was clearly some bitterness witnessed among the fans too but all those had been kept under check in the larger view of the future of the party.

Now that the elections are over, the party has won and is all set to rule the coming years, all the personal differences have been buried and Young Tiger along with his brother have met the Nandamuri head honcho to congratulate him and wish all the best. Today Jr NTR along with Kalyan Ram met Chandrababu Naidu, making all the fans happy in unity. With the star’s birthday coming up fans are planning grand celebrations all over keeping this latest development as well as the thumping victory of the party in mind.

This truly is a time of grand celebrations for Nandamuri fans, all around. What do you say?