It seems that even as South Indian film actors are dressed to the nines in their movies, when it comes to general public appearances, the fail to take the cake. We get the impression that these do not want to take the extra effort to appear stylish in their general everyday life.

Case in point is Ram Charan who even though appears stylish on screen, does little to appear the same when off-screen and does make an effort off screen as well. But It has been noticed that recently, Charan, loves to don his checkered shirt or polo tee and call it a day on the appearance front. The other living proof is actor Mahesh Babu whose off-screen appearances mostly consists of the tried-and-tested trouser-shirt route, mostly of the bland blue or white type. NTR joins the same club as well.

It is clear that if the actors want to compete with their Bollywood counterparts, they need to make some efforts in this direction.