Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu: Ep 29: Sunday Funday Ends on a Shocking Note!Bigg Boss Non-Stop reality show has completed 3 weeks successfully. As we have already been informed, the eviction of the third week left the housemates in a big shock. It is RJ Chaitu who had come out of the house because of standing last in the voting procedure.

Sunday is Funday

Sunday is a Funday in Bigg Boss house and today is no exception. Nagarjuna appeared very stylish in the show and has caught everyone’s attention big time in a simple yet attractive outfit.

– Nagarjuna first congratulated RJ Chaitu for becoming the captain and appreciated his tactics in winning the captaincy.

– Nagarjuna also gave a class to Anil as he failed as a captain. Nag asked him and the other housemates not to repeat the same.

– Nagarjuna complimented both RJ Chaitu and Akhil that they have come forward to solve the issues existing between them.

Most Irritating Housemate

Bigg Boss asked many questions during the captaincy task and this was one among them. Siva voted for himself. However, the housemates voted for RJ Chaitu and claimed that he is the most irritating housemate.

Fake Contestants in the House

As part of the task, Siva voted for Natraj and Akhil, as the fake contestants in the house. In reality, the housemates felt that Sarayu and RJ Chaitu are fake.

Sarayu-Ariyana & Body-shaming

Nagarjuna discussed about the body-shaming issue that took place between Ariyana and Sarayu. Nag gave closure to the same but the two ladies are not happy with each other.

Shirtless Siva

Since Siva troubled a lot of housemates as part of the secret task, Nag gave a chance to the girls to pick one male housemate who they want to see shirtless. Unanimously, the girls picked Siva and took their revenge. Siva went shirtless for sometime in the house

Ankitham Meeke Ankitham

This is one of the interesting tasks in the BB house on Sunday. The housemates are asked to pick both positive and negatives from the housemates.

Chaitu – Bindu is Positive & Mahesh is Negative
Mahesh – Ariyana is Negative & Hamida is Positive
Ariyana – Anil is postive & Sarayu is negative
Sarayu – Positive is Hamida & Ariyana is negative
Tejaswi – Positive is Akhil & Negative is Natraj
Ashu Reddy – Positive is Siva & Negative is also Siva
Akhil – Positive is Tejaswi & Negative is Siva
Sravanthi – Positive is Ajay & Negative is Natraj
Mitra – Negative is RJ Chaitu & Positive is Akhil
Bindu – Positive is Siva & Mitra is negative
Anil – Ajay is positive & Mahesh is negative
Natraj – Akhil is positive & Negative is Tejaswi
Siva – Positive is Anil & Negative is Teju
Hamida – Anil is negative and Ajay is positive


Most Positive Person in the house: Akhil
Most Negative Person in the house: Sarayu

Special performances

Four Tollywood singers put up a special medley performance and Shraddha Das too gave a dance performance.

Dance Face-Off

During the task, Nag will give a situation and the housemates are divided into two teams. One from each team will come forward and perform the dance.

Team Ashu: Ashu, Tejaswi, Siva, Sarayu, Mitra, and Mahesh
Team Bindu: Bindu, Sravanthi, Chaitu, Ajay, Natraj, Hamida, and Ariyana

Sanchalak: Anil

1. Nagin Dance – Sarayu vs Ariyana
2. Puli Raju dance: Natraj vs Mahesh
3. Tagubothu dance: Chaitu vs Siva
4. Heroism dance: Mitra vs Sravanthi
5. Couple dance: Tejaswi-Akhil vs Ajay-Bindu
6. Sensuous Dance: Ashu vs Hamida
7. Bhaarat Dance: Natraj vs Tejaswi
8. Sweeping Dance: Sarayu vs Hamida
9. Zombie dance: Ariyana vs Siva
10. Chimpanjee dance: Natraj vs Mahesh

Final Elimination Round

It was between RJ Chaitu and Shravanthi. Everyone was in an opinion that Shravanthi will be evicted but unfortunately, it is RJ Chaitu who was eliminated from the show. Everyone including Chaitu was shocked to learn the same.

Colourful and Colurfool people

Before leaving the house, Chaitu was asked to give tags to the housemates.

Colorful People: Siva, Bindu, Akhil, Hamida, Anil, Ariyana
Colourfool people: Ajay, Mitra, Shravanthi, Tejaswi, Ashu

Transfer of Captaincy

Since RJ Chaitu was the captain, he got eliminated and transferred his captaincy to Anil. Anil will not get immunity but will have to run the house properly.