Chandrababu naidu master plan for seemandhra captial

Chandra Babu Naidu will focus fully on developing a state capital for his new born state. He want the state capital on par with Lutyen’s Delhi in infrastructure. At the same time he is adopting a Gujarat style in the state capital. Naidu’s thinking is that the new capital should be like Gujarat’s Gandhinagar that is about 25-30 km from the state’s main city Ahmedabad. The idea of Vijayawada-Guntur as the state capital is based on this Gujarat model.

Chandra Babu was clear that he is not going to use Hyderabad for 10 years during which it will be a common capital of Seema Andhra and Telangana. The Chief Minister of Seema Andhra should be shuttling between both the states for the next 10 years if the Common capital is used. So, he wants to build a capital as soon as possible and shift Seema Andhra administration base to there. And for this he will have to impress the incoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grant a liberal amount of funds.