Off late, Telugu cinema had evolved to a level that the movie fates come out once the movie is screened to Censor board. While the exact sources of these leaks are not known, some of these reports turned out true many a time. However, this trend is not at all going good with the film makers. If the reports are good, the movie would be reeling under the pressure of heavy expectations. If they are bad, negative talk would be spread much before the release.

And today, NTR’s Dhammu is being screened to censor board officials for film certification. Fans, Producers, distributors and exhibitors who invested huge money on the movie are living through anxious moments and are trying in their own ways to know the movie report. and on the other side, the makers of the movie are trying their level best to get the movie the biggest release ever to bag huge openings for the movie.

M9News wishes the movie team all the best!