Director Sudheer VarmaSudheer Varma made a promising debut with Swamy Ra Ra. His subsequent films couldn’t match up to this debut film. However, he scored an average success like Keshava in between.

His latest film Ravanasura has turned out to be a big flop. But is it right to put the entire blame on him for this fiasco?

Sudheer Varma comes across as a sensible filmmaker with decent directional skills. He made an entry into Tollywood with the promise of making films with unique stories and ideas. But somewhere, he lost the ‘plot.’

Ravanasura wasn’t his pet project. The story was already approved, and he came on board much later. Any director who isn’t going great guns in his career would be foolish to refuse a chance to make a film with a star hero like Ravi Teja. So Sudheer Varma, whole-heartedly or half-heartedly, accepted Ravanasura hoping that a film with a star hero would give a push to his career.

But sadly, Ravanasura backfired big time. The story was not only amateurish and devoid of any logic, but it was also a freemake of the Bengali film Vinci Da. The script itself was so bad that no director could have salvaged it.

More than his skill as a director, his wrong choice of scripts and projects is what is hurting Sudheer Varma’s career. Instead of running behind big heroes, Sudheer Varma should pick up a strong script. An exciting script, even with a small or medium-range hero, would resurrect his career and pave the way for bigger projects in the future.