Salaar MovieLast night, the highly anticipated release date for Prabhas’ Salaar was unveiled: December 22, setting the stage for a clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s equally awaited Dunki.

This announcement ignited a frenzy on social media, where both Prabhas and SRK fans found themselves in heated debates and discussions. Alongside them, some Tamil fans also jumped into the chaos, revealing a tinge of jealousy.

Tamil fans have taken to social media, pledging that they would watch Dunki and not Salaar. Foremost, Dunki is not the type of film that will be enjoyed by Tamil audiences, and they still make such statements reeks of insecurity and jealousy.

It appears that they have accepted the fact that the Tamil film industry may not produce pan-India blockbusters on the scale of Baahubali, RRR, or KGF. So they feel it is better for them to pull pan-India stars like Prabhas down and elevate Bollywood films so that films like Salaar don’t become pan-India hits.

However, it’s crucial for such fans to recognize that their influence over a film’s fate at the box office is limited. If they possessed the power to make or break a movie’s success, their own industry stars might not have lacked pan-India hits.

Prabhas, on the other hand, enjoys widespread popularity across India, and even with minimal content, his films tend to shatter records that remain unbroken for years.

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