TRS chief, KCR has made fun of Pawan Kalyan after knowing that he was forming a new political party. He said that nowadays people think that if they are famous, they can become a politician and start a party. He criticized saying that Chiranjeevi has tried and failed and now his brother, Pawan is ready to set up his shop in politics.

Being such a big politician, it is disgraceful to hear KCR speak like that. Even before Pawan Kalyan has spoken a word about his new party and its vision, KCR takes a dig at him. It is known that Pawan Kalyan has campaigned well in Telangana region during his time at PRP. Probably Pawan’s party will help people in Telangana, or not, but before even a single word was out, KCR begins to comment on him in public.

Many parties like Lok Satta, TDP, etc. have encouraged new, young people to join politics but here, it seems like KCR is not in favour of it. Given how famous Pawan is, is KCR worried that if PK’s party comes, he might lose votes in Telangana region? Will Pawan triumph over KCR with his new party?