Mirchi remake fails to take offMirchi staring Prabhas was in news earlier in the year not just for giving big boost to the actor box office wise but also for attracting the eyes of a number of people across various industries for remake. The biggest among this remake news was John Abraham buying the remake rights to star in its Hindi remake. Now the year is coming to an end but the film has still not gone onto sets. This has made many skeptical about the film actually making it to the sets and taking off.

When a similar question was asked to John the actor said that the remake is still on but not immediately. The reason for this delay, the actor states is because of lack of director who could remake this film in Hindi. The actor feels that the local Hindi directors lack the vision and sensibility to make a mass movie and since the original Mirchi director lacks experience in handling a Hindi production he has no choice but to wait till a right director is found. Well John Abraham surely has a point, what say?