Dev Patel’s Monkey Man made waves upon its recent release in the US, garnering insane reviews from both audiences and critics alike for its gripping portrayal of a gritty action thriller steeped in Indian mythology.

Despite its strong Indian roots, the film encountered obstacles in securing a release in the Indian market due to controversial themes explored within its narrative.

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Now available on VOD platforms in the US such as Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google, Monkey Man has found its way to the Indian audience, through illegal means.

Feedback from Indian viewers is quite mixed, with praise directed towards the meticulously crafted action sequences and cinematography.

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However, criticism arises regarding the lack of originality in the storyline, drawing comparisons to 80s Tamil cinema.

While Dev Patel deserves credit for addressing bold issues such as the invocation of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, minority harassment, land exploitation by godmen, police brutality against tribal communities, and the phenomenon of saffronization, some argue that the narrative fails to engage consistently.

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In an attempt to exude a trendy filmmaking style, Dev Patel’s heavy reliance on shaky cam, frantic editing, and extreme close-ups may come across as pretentious to some viewers.

As of now, the film isn’t releasing in India, and even if it does then most of its target audience would have already watched it on illegal platforms which makes Monkey Man’s journey tough at the Indian box office.