Pawan Kalyan's Brand Recall Strategy
Following in the steps of actor Salman Khan’s Being Human T-shirts, Pawan Kalyan has decided to launch his own brand of T-shirts with fiery messages on them. However, this is not a fashion choice. Pawan is using the T shirt as a strategy to reach out to the common people of the state. Through these T Shirts, Pawan is aiming for a strong brand recall since it is going to distributed to the crowd gathering at his rally to be held in Vizag. We don’t know whether this strategy will be successful or not, but at least supporters would have something cool to wear!

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan’s new political ambitions seem to have put his films into problem. Word is that filmmakers are now looking for replacements of the top actor! This news is regarding Kalyan’s latest films Gabbar Singh 2 as well as OMG-Oh My God.