Few days ago, the founder of Telangana Jagruthi, Kavitha has made fun of Pawan Kalyan and his party saying that he is like a comedian in the world of politics. He has entered politics without any clear idea and has no political mind set. She has said that formerly, he entered the political stage with PRP and now, right before elections, he has returned to fool the people with his dialogues and he will say pack up after elections and go for make up.

Pawan Kalyan has responded to Kavitha, to all the criticism he has been receiving saying that he doesn’t feel that a person becomes a politician only when he wears a white and white uniform; the colour ‘white’ must be in his heart. I received criticism from many parties, but it is just a waste of my time to answer all those people who pass their time by participating in debates sitting in the Tv channel debates. Unlike his first speech he kindled TRS Kavitha, he let her go in lighter vein this time.