I remember meeting Ravi Teja for a promotional interview for Don Seenu. Those were the days after Shambho Siva Shambho, The interview started with routine blah blah questions about the movie and after some time, the comfort zone was created and we began talking more intimately. Then I asked this question, Are you not bored of this Idiot Kinda movies and characterization?
Then he said, “In cinema, my opinion and yours will not count. Critics may write off my film as boring but audience are embracing them well. I do not know if it is fortunate or not but they expect those mass masalas from me”. He added, “After many years of hardwork, I have earned the image of a minimum guarantee hero to my buyers, I will not let them lose money to quench my thirst for experimentation”.
Frankly, I was equally convinced and confused. As a commoner, I agreed to his view but the critic in me refused. And interestingly, Don Seenu was again routine mass masala and also a money spinner. Since then all his movies in which he tried to deviate from his path failed to rake good numbers at box office.
So, Is Ravi Teja a boring/monotonous hero? We will leave it to you to decide.