Telugu Power: RRR's Direct Impact On Share MarketIn a highly intriguing development, Rajamouli’s magnum opus creation RRR appears to have directly impacted the share market, albeit a specific sector. Following the film’s theatrical release, the share prices of multiplex chains Inox and PVR Cinemas surged today.

RRR hit theatres worldwide today and incidentally, the share values of Inox and PVR surged by 6% and 3% respectively. RRR is billed to be the big event film that can pull the pan-India audience to the theaters in big numbers and the evident surge in the share prices of the said companies might be considered as an indicative of the same.

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Analysts opine that the revival of multiplex chains across the nation might be in motion soon as the Covid outbreak eases up. Adding to that, a big ticket film like RRR hitting theatres appears to have provided much needed boost to the theatrical industry.

Now, Telugu cinema followers are citing the surge in Inox and PVR, which coincides with RRR’s release and saying it shows the power of Tollywood

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