Dhammu is one of the biggest movies releasing this week. The movie is releasing in more than 1100 theaters for the first time in the history of Tollywood but the brain behind the film, Boyapati Srinu is a very relaxed man. Unlike the big movies these days which are being censored 2-3 days before the release fearing bad talk being spread, his movie was censored 9 days before the release. Speaking to a Television interview, he said all his movies are censored atleast 1 week before the release as he is confident of the output.

Unlike his contemporary directors, he is not seen rushing around studios making changes till last minute. Yesterday, he arranged a special lunch at Peddamma Temple for the movie unit and media people. He was seen very relaxed meeting and greeting every person attended the lunch.

Today is the Birthday of Boyapati Srinu. We wish him all the best!