Rajni watches Vishwaroopam

During the controversies against vishwaroopam, long time friend and colleague of Kamal Haasan, Superstar Rajinikanth stood by him through the entire ordeal. To pay back in kind, Haasan arranged a special screening of the film at Rajini’s house even though he did not watch the film there himself and attended a separate screening for other celebrities.

A source informed that Rajinikanth was indeed watching the special screening of Vishwaroopam in the special auro 3D on Kamal Haasan’s request. He also stated that since Rajinikanth was one of the first actors in Tamil Nadu speaking in support of Vishwaroopam in Tamilnadu during the entire debacle but more than that, Rajinikanth even offered to do a film free of cost in order to compensate for the losses suffered by Haasan during the protests. It is truly a mark of great friendship.