Why Nayanthara is not pregnant in Anaamika

The biggest surprise element of Kahaani was the pregnant Vidya Balan, who pulled off her role with ease and confidence. The trailer of its Telugu remake titled Anaamika was release yesterday and to our surprise Nayanthara appears to be not pregnant in this version of the film, which has already a strong buzz for the film.

This has certainly raised the stakes as everybody wonders now how could have Kammula made the film by avoiding the pregnant factor. In Kahaani, the entire story revolves around a pregnant who comes searching to Kolkata for her missing husband. Kammula seems to have completely ignored that angle and made the film. We are not sure how the end product has turned out to be but the trailer has already created lot of publicity for the film. It has definitely made people to start thinking about the film.

What concerns me though is the choice of the supporting cast of the film. While the original featured talented actors such as Nawazuddin and Priyambrata, its remake features Vaibhav and Tamil actor Pasupathy in important roles.