Why Rajamouli has become best to cook rumors?

Is it the stars that have a opinion on everything that get the most rumors or is it any film personality that craves for media attention that gets the most rumors about them? Director SS Rajamouli for a long time has been a very open person vocal about his likes or dislikes. He has dissected not only his films but many of the films of his peers from the very beginning itself. However most of us surely don’t remember the very beginning but they do remember all his recent comments and that’s because today SS Rajamouli is no less than a star.

Be it his statements on piracy that caused a huge furor or his praise for any film that releases on any given Friday, it becomes a news. It becomes news not just for Rajamouli but also for the person or the film that his remark involves. So we have seen in the recent past how many unknown small films have gained recognition due to the endorsement of the star director. The director even took this appreciation to a new level by himself helping promote a film of his liking recently.

When a person attracts such media attention naturally there will be other unnecessary effects too. The Jain Mutt case recently along with the various rumors about Prabhas and his health recently got a lot of attention which the director had to clarify. Now again today the director clarified on various rumors involving him from the meeting with Pawan Kalyan to presence of Jr NTR and Sunil in Bahubali. The director is responding to just about everything under the sun involving him.

It is because of this responsive nature, we guess more and more such junk gets published on him. Should the director then respond to everything all the time or should he simply respond to the genuine concerns? Wouldn’t it be better to everyone if the director’s responded only when a genuine issue arises, this way he could stop giving fodder to the various gossip mongers who only crave for their one minute of fame? What do you think, share us your thoughts?