Tollywood_Director_Heroine_AffairThis director showed his talent with his debut film itself. He only did around five projects in eight years of his career. Even though there is a spark, the inconsistency hurts him.

The director recently scored a stunning and unexpected success.

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The director is married and is a father of two.

But then, he is often seen going around parties with this actress who is out of chances.

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They are often spotted at the pubs and posh hotels of the city. He even takes her along to some industry parties.

The question here is how both of them got along.

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This girl has been inactive in the industry for the last four-five years. She was a recognizable face but her career never got going. She did not even work with this director in any of his films.

But then the industry is a strange place. We can not say who gets along with whom here for what reason and for how long.