85% Telugu Women Feel Okay To Be Beaten By Their Husbands!A survey of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) has revealed shocking facts about the mindset of women regarding domestic violence. At least 30% of women across 14 states and Union Territories say it is okay to get beaten by their husbands under certain circumstances.

The situation is even worse in both the Telugu States. Eight Four Percentage of women respondents from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana feel they are okay to get beaten by their husbands. Karnataka is close next with 77% of women voicing the same.

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As per the survey, some of the common reasons for husbands beating their wives are – neglecting the house or children and being disrespectful towards in-laws among other reasons like suspicion of being unfaithful, being argumentative, refusal to have sex, going out without informing the husband, neglecting the household and not cooking good food.

These numbers also mean that many women are suffering domestic violence without feeling it as wrong. It also means these women are unlikely to report instances of domestic violence and suffer in silence.

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