AP Assembly heading towards Constitutional crisis!

Andhra Pradesh Assembly looks to be heading towards a constitutional issue. In all probability, the Telangana Bill will be introduced in Rajya Sabha on 11th of this month. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is planning to resign for his post on the same day as the bill. These incidents will coincide with AP Assembly Vote on Account Budget sessions which means that state government will be in doldrums during the session.

The proceedings of the house will be disrupted in all probability on the state bifurcation issue. As the election notification is expected to release towards the end of this month. The election code of conduct will come in to force and the government may not issue full fledged budget due to the restrictions of election code. A change of Chief Minister before the sessions may be an easy solution for all this problem but will give rise to new problems. Lets see how the Congress High Command handles this issue!