Tenali Slap Incident

Social media was ablaze all day yesterday as the intense political battle unfolded at the polling booths in Andhra Pradesh. Reports of violence at some locations and public insults directed at a few candidates have surfaced.

However, the incident in Tenali stole the spotlight. A video of a common man retaliating against a powerful MLA candidate captured the attention of social media users, and it quickly went viral.

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This incident reflects the frustration of ordinary people with the current political leaders. When they saw one of their own—a common man—confronting an MLA, social media users embraced the moment, as it provided a satisfying feeling for many.

The individual involved became a hero on social media, with numerous posts supporting him and expressing sympathy for his injuries.

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YSRCP MLA Annabathuni Siva Kumar came up with a video explanation trying to cover his act by bringing in the Kamma angle, but those who watch can immediately see how he is trying to divert the issue; it is that artificial.