Balayya Alludu's Impressive Political Strategy Balakrishna‘s son-in-law, Sri Bharat contested as Vishakapatnam MP in the last elections. He lost by a slender margin as TDP votes got split by JD Lakshminarayana who contested on Janasena ticket.

An educated man with so much of clarity Sri Bharat was very impressive in the election campaign. In 2019, Bharat was a last-minute pick and barely had time for campaign. The young man seems to have realized that and started work early this time.

He is quite often spotted with various events in Vishakapatnam and is also reaching out to the people as much as possible. Unlike the usual politicians, he would not go to the people with scores of followers and with so much of Hungama.

He would go alone or with a smal group of people and sit with the commoners. He would talk to them in leisure and is able to give them enough time to interact on a personal level. Vishakapatnam Parliament is going to be key with YSR Congress mooting it to be the executive capital of AP.