CBN trying to stop state bifurcation!
Telugu Desam Party is the only political party in the state which has presence in both the regions in the state. Chandra Babu wants the state to be united in the longer interests of his party. Despite his Sama Nyayam and no objection to Telangana stand, it is known that Chandra Babu stands for United Andhra Pradesh. We are said that he is trying his best to persuade BJP not to support the Telangana Bill.

In his meeting with BJP top brass, he assured them to get 25 plus MP seats provided BJP halts the state bifurcation with out giving support to the Telangana Bill when brought to the Parliament. He also made it clear that TRS and Congress will walk away with benefit if Telangana is granted and BJP will derive no advantage except for a slight increase in vote share. We will have to see how far he will be influencing BJP!