Chiranjeevi CM post

It’s not even been a week since Ex-CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy, has resigned and the Congress government is now in a serious pursuit of the next CM. The high command has sent a word to ministers Kanna Lakshminarayana, Shri Ramachandraiah, Kondru Murali Mohan, P. Balaraju and Mukesh Goud to arrive at Delhi by Tuesday while few other ministers have already reached the capital.

The meeting was called on to discuss on bringing stability in the two states and assigning one of those ministers as CM. Most ministers seem to have chosen the option of having a government established in the states over presidential rule. It is assumed that the announcement of the new CM will surely be out in a couple of days.

According to the current situation in Delhi, it looks like Chiranjeevi is leading the race for the CM post of Seemandhra given his caste and filmy background, and few other important factors like, when compared, he has fewer corruption charges than other ministers who are in the race.

Having a history of merging his own party, PRP, with Indian National Congress, is Chiranjeevi a considerable choice for the post of Chief Minister of Seemandhra?