Telangana government has issued a GO forming a committee to implement the controversial nativity rule. It is known that the Telangana government has made it mandatory for students to have their fathers or forefathers to be born in Telangana before 1956 to become eligible for receiving financial assistance from Telangana state. This rule is made to avoid giving Telangana money to settlers who came to the state after 1956, the year the United State came in to existence.

Students will now have to bring a certificate from Revenue department that they fall in the criteria prescribed by this new rule. The committee consists of Principal Secretaries of SC,ST,BC Welfare departments, Principal Secretaries of Higher Education, Panchayati Raj, Common Administration and Rural Welfare departments. In the GO, government also mentioned that this program FAST (Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana) will come in to existence from this academic year itself.