Congress playing double games in T-issue!
The Telangana issue has reached a crucial stage and the next 10 days will decide the fate of Andhra Pradesh. Congress is trying its might to grab as much as possible electoral advantage from this issue. It is already giving feelers to Telangana people that it is committed to grant the separate statehood. Suspending agitating Seema Andhra MPs from the party is also a step in that direction.

On the other side, Seema Andhra MPs are continuing their fight in Parliament stalling the proceedings of the house. Today, they are joined by Central Ministers of Seema Andhra region like Kavuri, Chiranjeevi, Purandhareeswari and Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy. The ministers claim that Congress high command itself had permitted them to protest today. It means Congress is trying to play double game with the people of both the sides. We will have to see if people look through Congress’ ploy.