The elections are approaching very quickly and the political parties have begun campaigning at a large level. Almost all the major parties are confident that they will grab the maximum seats but there is one thing that bothers them all – Cross voting. Most people believe that BJP will grab most of the MP seats because of the presence of Narendra Modi.

TRS chief, KCR, is pretty confident that he will win the maximum seats in Telangana region, going by the response from the people but cross-voting is a problem for him, too. Because of that, right after every speech of his, he started iterating,” Cast both the votes, not one, for TRS only.” This might sound silly, but the fear of cross-voting is making him do this. Things are no different in the Andhra region either, where TDP and YSRCP fear cross voting. Chandrababu Naidu seems to have understood this and is trying to make alliance with BJP and Narendra Modi in order to keep a few seats for himself.

The NaMo-wave has spread widely across the country and most of the youth are willing to help Modi become the Prime Minister. Even few Tollywood stars have shown support to Modi, which might in turn make their fans vote for him, too. With so much happening in and around, the biggest fear of all the parties this election will definitely be cross voting.