Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi grandson Raj Mohan Gandhi joined anti corruption crusader, Arvind Kejriwal. Raj Mohan Gandhi took the primary membership of Aam Admi Party on Friday. “I liked Aam Admi Party’s struggle against corruption. The widening gap between the rich and poor of the country is alarming and should be addressed very soon”, he said while joining the party.

78-year-old Gandhi in the past had contested against former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi from Amethi but lost. He expressed his willingness to contest on Aam Admi party ticket but AAP is yet to take a call on this. Raj Mohan Gandhi also went on to say it is AAP which approached him first. However he refused to divulge the name of the person who approached him. He offered the party to contest from any constituency in the country.