The verdict of Andhra Pradesh Voters is sealed in the EVMs and is secured safely in the Strong Rooms. The verdict will be out only on June 4th.

The total Voter Turnout is 81.86% which is around two percent more than the 2019 Turnout.

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While no one knows the verdict, there is gloom in the YSR Congress camp while the TDP camp is ecstatic.

Traditionally, the higher Voter Turnout indicates anti-incumbency.

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Moreover, the TDP cadres in Palnadu and Rayalaseema are hyperactive even after the polling.

This activeness in YSR Congress’ strongholds is giving rise to more doubts in their minds.

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YSR Congress leaders are coming before the media in droves and are making statements pressing panic buttons.

Their statements are akin to how TDP leaders panicked in 2019.

Even someone like Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy who is the voice of Jagan Mohan Reddy is doing the same.

Even though the supporters are trying to put up brave face, they are clearly in panic mode.

To make things worse, Jagan Mohan Reddy went completely silent after the elections.

He only posted a tweet on X but did not make any statement about the polling or anything that would infuse confidence in the cadre.

Jagan is going to the I-PAC Vijayawada office today. Even that is also a compulsion because the media is full of stories that Jagan’s I-PAC event was canceled due to the adverse Survey Reports. Also, he is going to the I-PAC office as a sentiment because he did the same after the 2019 elections.

Except for some mobile videos, it is unlikely that we will get videos of the event.

Jagan is expected to fly abroad today or tomorrow. And so, the supporters are unlikely to get any solace.